Products and Services

We are a company specializing in consulting services and product procurement to support international community development.  Our high-impact initiative involves using  programming that positively affects children and youth living in a context of high exposure to violence.  

Areas of Expertise:

  • Capacity Building

    • Audio & television recording studio workshop design

    •  Concert Hall Lighting and Acoustics workshops

  • Technical Assistance

    • Social project development for both small and large communities.

    • Using music as a tool for children & youth development outreach strategy assistance

    • Implementation & impact measurement of youth orchestras in the community

    • Project organizational structure

    • International agency and government project proposal assistance

    • Precision measurement expertise: metrology systems

  • Research & Evaluation

    • Building evaluation tools to determine the academic level of participants in state-owned youth orchestras.  

  • Product Procurement 

    •  Orchestra instruments

    • Computers and digital equipment

    • Vision systems

    • Video Conferencing Equipment

  • Musical Instruments

  • Social Project Developers

  • Social Projects

  • Projects developers

  • Consultants

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