Products and Services

We are a company specialized in providing products to organizations and institutions related to the development of the communities

Business to Organizations Company Providing:

- Pro audio systems for: Studio recording, live sound and computer audio.

- Pro Video systems: Digital cameras, studio & EFP, industrial multi-purpose        cameras and survilance.

- Photography and lighting.

- Computers and hand digital equipment.

- Vision systems.

- Video Conferencing Equipment.

- Consulting for the design of audio and television recording studios

- Acoustic advice for lighting concert halls

- Detail engineering for the construction of studios and concert halls

- Machineries and Tools.

- Special equipment for luthier of any kid, power and hands tools.

- Precision measurement: metrology systems, and hand precision tools.

- Tools for the construction and repair.

- Metalworking and woodworking machines for development and construction.

- Materials and accessories for the repair and construction.

- Percussion materials, tools, accessories and parts for construction and repair.

- Consultancy for the creation of training workshops and repair of instruments.

- Design of training workshops in the area of repair and construction of strings.

- Personal Protection

- First aid

- Eyewash stations and supplies

- High visibility clothing

- Fire protection

- Lockout and tagout and security

-Fall Protection

- Support belts

- Welding

- Detectors

- Safety compliance

- Safety cabinets

- Musical Instruments for any level from basic to professional. 

- Accessories for musical instruments.

- Orchestra cases for traveling and for storage.

- Books and specials arrangements for children orchestra and ensembles.

- Proper chairs and stands for all ages.

- Listenings Centers.

- Orchestra and choir risers.

- Acoustics elements.

- Educational tools 

- Classroom technology solutions.

- Computer labs

- Digital educational  equipment and softwares.

- Innovative classroom furniture

- Accesible Furniture for school classroom

- Special Kids equipment

- Development of social projects for small and large communities.

- Strategies for using music as a tool for the development of children and youth.

- The orchestra in the community and its impacts.

- Organizational structure

- Advice for the preparation and presentation of projects for governmental and multilateral organizations

- Trainning Equipment

- Surveillance Equipment

  • Musical Instruments

  • Social Project Developers

  • Social Projects

  • Projects developers

  • Consultants

Oficina de Nueva York


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